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One-of-a-kind group experience, interactive game designs, high-tech puzzles, intricate story lines

Escape Mate is an adventurous, indoor puzzle-solving group activity in a themed, movie-like environment! Embark on a mission, interact with high-tech, mechanical puzzles and props to solve mysteries in two immersive games. Think outside the box, operate magical gadgets and untangle intricate storylines with your wits. Your team will only get one hour to save the world from an Alien invasion or from the rage of the Death Gods!

  • Corporate HR Team Building
  • Birthday Parties
  • Family Groups
  • Staff Functions
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The Spaceship

Investigate an Alien AI operated spaceship has crashed on the shores of  Wellington in the 1930’s. Embark on a mission to save the world from an alien invasion. &nb

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Video Gallery

Watch trailers and videos about our games and activities!

Ancient Temple

Discover the lost civilisation in temple ruins and solve the mysteries to prevent the Death Gods from awakening, save the world from an apocalypse!  

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Squeaky clean!

The health and safety of our customers and staff members has always been our highest priority. We always have had very thorough and precise cleaning procedures in place, such as disinfecting all objects and surfaces as part of our opening and closing routine and making hand sanitisers available for everyone at all times.
We are responsible to keep everyone safe at our venues, so we put in place an even more frequent and precise sanitizing and cleaning routine. We disinfect all areas, surfaces and objects before and after each game and each team.

We are strictly following the guidelines and recommendations of the Ministry of Health in all aspects and we take it very seriously.

We do have bathrooms and hand sanitisers available at our premises, and our game masters will remind all our players to wash their hands before and after their escape room experience.

This may cause some delays in your scheduled game times, we hope you understand.

Atlantis is now open!

Featuring an interactive life-sized adventure game, light and touch sensors, epic puzzle-solving mission with electronic triggers, hi-tech and mystical storylines.
Best of all, the props are hand-painted and crafted in our very own workshop! We will now be wheelchair and buggy accessible too…oh and did we mention our room can take up to 16 people at one time?

According to the legend, Atlantis was built upon 7 islands by Poseidon himself who blessed his children, the Atlanteans with eternal life and wisdom.They were gifted with the ‘Mighty Crystal’ that kept all elements in balance and granted superhuman powers, advanced technology and knowledge of all things.

However, a few thousand years ago this great civilization was destroyed in one day and night and sank beneath the ocean. It is possible that the mysterious ship’s crew tried to steal the power source of Atlantis, the ‘Mighty Crystal’, but shortly after removing the crystal, Atlantis was cast beneath the ocean, taking the explorers ship with it.

Discover the dark secrets of the shipwreck and find the gates of Atlantis! Interact with electronic, player-triggered puzzles, spectacular props to save the world!

Ground floor, 195 Victoria St, Te Aro, Wellington, 6011
Bookings essential, simply clcik on BOOK NOW button or call us on 021 0225 4443, alternatively email us on booking@escapemate.co.nz

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence




We have been awarded our 4th Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor! THANK YOU for helping us achieve our goal and for all of the stunning reviews we have received throughout the last 4 years. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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