The Alchemist

Dr. Enca Corvus, driven insane with grief by the death of his wife, turns to the dark arts and evil forces of alchemy in an attempt to bring back his beloved. His experiments lead him to the discovery of the famed Philosopher’s Stone, a source of dark power that must not be wielded, lest it unleash evil upon the world and bring about the end of days.Your mission is to go back in time to the Doctor’s study and uncover this dangerous relic before it can be used.

  • Price:

    $40 / player

  • Players:

    6-16 player

8.30 AM, 10 AM, 11.30 AM, 1 PM, 2.30 PM,
4 PM, 5.30 PM, 7 PM, 8.30 PM
All appointments require either full payment or a deposit in order to be finalised. By placing a booking with us you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions
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Terms & conditions

  • A deposit or full payment is necessary to book a session
  • You and your team are more than welcome to come for a visit, we are very happy to show you around and have a discussion about the most suitable ways of managing your event.
  • We are very flexible with appointments, your business is important to us and we are always glad to hear from you.
  • Please make sure that all your team members are comfortable with the idea of being locked in. The Vault is a 55 square meter space with a few items of furniture, proper lighting, and high ceilings.
  • However, we have never had anyone leave the room due to discomfort.
  • There is an emergency exit button located in the room, that will open the door immediately, at any given moment. This magnetic lock will also open in case of a power cut.
  • For The Vault we recommend a minimum of 4 players and a maximum team size of 16 players.
  • We recommend that all players are above the age of 10 years, however if supervised by an adult, younger children are welcome.
  • Arriving at Escape Mate on time is essential; late arrival will restrict your time (and therefore chances) of escaping the room. Please arrive on time, and note parking can be difficult in the area. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to participate in the game; the Vault is also a non-smoking area.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring any sharp or potentially harmful objects into the game.
  • Escape Mate Limited takes no responsibility for injuries that may occur during game play – all players are participating at their own risk.

Payments, modifications and cancellations

  • Please book mindfully, as availability is often competitive. We will do our best to modify your appointment, otherwise we will refund the total payment. In case of a cancellation we will also refund the entire amount.
  • In case of a cancellation within the 48 last hours before your scheduled game, we can’t refund payments.
  • If you wish to increase the number of players we can modify your booking anytime (as long as the number of players does not exceed the room’s capacity), however decreasing the number of players within the last 48 hours prior to your appointment, you will be charged for the number of players you originally booked for, regardless of attendance.
  • All appointments booked require full payment in advance, unless arranged otherwise – with management’s approval.
  • In case of any damage caused to our equipment, the player will be charged for repairs/replacement.