A themed room loaded with all sorts of puzzles, locks and codes. Your group gets a mystery to solve whilst going through the story and its related puzzles in order to get a final solution to escape. The Vault Game is in an authentic 1930’s bank vault where your mission is to collect evidence and intelligence on a criminal organisation called The Syndicate. Find out about their and evil plans for world domination and put a stop to this all whilst defusing a bomb, operating a brainwashing machine, translating coded and cryptic messages, finding clues, and uncovering other hidden goodies.
The LAB Game is in an inter-dimensional space laboratory, where one of our leading scientist and weapon’s expert has been kidnapped and held as hostage. He was forced into developing a bio-weapon of mass destruction for the Rogues. If you can retrieve all the main ingredients of the bio-weapon, you will save the world from biological warfare.

The easiest and quickest way is to book any time and date from our online calendar, so your payment will come through immediately and we can email you the voucher right away.We will disregard your original booking and later on the ones receiving the gift card can arrange a suitable time and date with us.When booking online, please specify that it is a gift card, and feel free to put your own, personalized message into the comments section, and we will add that to the gift card.The other option is to pay via bank transfer/deposit or to pay onsite. In this case please contact us for more details.

The LAB: 2-8 players

The Vault: 4-14+ players

90 minutes to complete the activity

Max. 60 minutes allocated for each game. Of course, overtime is possible too..

Nope. We won’t lock you in with a bunch of strangers. Once you book the room, it is only yours.

At Escape Mate we are happy to cater to larger groups and custom events and ask you to contact us via the details on the Contact page.

We are ideal for team building activities, birthday parties, kids’ parties, hens/stags nights or just for friends to enjoy a different experience.

For our Vault room, we require a minimum of 4 players and our Lab room can have a minimum of 2 players.

It is recommended that players are at least 10 years old in order to understand the clues and positively contribute to the group’s activities.

We are open 7 days a week, from 7.30 am to 11 pm on most days – please see our booking forms on the game pages to check availability.

While we prefer to accept online payments, we can also cater to cash, credit and EFTpos onsite.

Please book mindfully, as availability is often competitive. We will do our best to modify your appointment, otherwise we will refund the total payment. In case of a cancellation we will also refund the entire amount.

In case of a cancellation within the 48 last hours before your scheduled game, we can’t refund payments.

If you wish to increase the number of players we can modify your booking anytime (as long as the number of players does not exceed the room’s capacity), however decreasing the number of players within the last 48 hours prior to your appointment, you will be charged for the number of players you originally booked for, regardless of attendance.

All appointments booked require full payment in advance, unless arranged otherwise – with management’s approval.

In case of any damage caused to our equipment, the player will be charged for repairs/replacement.