Do you like spy movies? Always thought you'd make a damn good detective? Well, prove it. The one and only escape game in Wellington.

Certificate of Excellence 2016


Vault - Escape Game

The Vault – authentic bank vault door from 1930’s

Escape Mate is the ultimate live-action, group game: suitable for everyone, this escape room will test your team’s wit and challenge your individual problem solving ability.
If you’ve always fancied yourself as Sherlock himself then this is your chance to prove yourself.
We organize and manage:

  • Team Building Activities
  • Birthday parties
  • Children parties
  • Hen/Stag nights
  • Dating events
  • Corporate HR selection events

We have created a fun, dramatic, intellectually challenging team activity, that enhances communication, encourages lateral and creative thinking while rewarding group effort.

Get the team working like a well-oiled machine!

Our Vault and Dark Room challenges are located in our authentic underground bank vault. Once trapped in any of our dynamic puzzles you will have a set amount of time to put your wit to the test: complete your objectives in time and escape before it’s too late.
Hidden evidence, locks, codes and cryptic clues will uncover the story’s secrets but make sure you collaborate, communicate, problem solve, manage time, strategize and work together as a team or who knows whether your escape will be a success.
Come and get involved in a completely innovative and individual experience – unlike anything else in Wellington.
Good luck!

At Escape Mate Wellington, you can play in a real bank vault like nowhere else in the world!